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About Project ACEi


The ProjectACEi, is non-profit group stands against female genital mutilation and harmful practices against women and girls. ProjectACEi is a group of African and European women and men that fight for the abolition of FGM. Child and Early Marriage, Forced Marriage.

ProjectACEi is working with Governments, International Organizations, National Health Services (NHS), NSPCC, Home Office, Faith Leaders and many statutory agencies to promote the elimination of FGM and violence against women.



We work to promote a strong sense of awareness, education and community engagement in tackling female genital mutilation (FGM), violence against women and girls within affected communities in the United Kingdom and Sub Saharan Africa.

Advocacy and Community engagement is very crucial in changing attitudes towards Violence Against Women and Girls.

We also advocate against all forms of gender based violence through education and training programs.  In tackling all forms of abuse ProjectACEi has worked alongside many leading campaigners and organizations in creating an understanding of the needs of survivors and their communities. We are a survivor lead organization and represent the views and concerns of survivors in the UK and around the world.

ProjectACEi is committed to safeguarding girls at risk of female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C), whilst promoting a safer well-being for women affected by the practice in Enfield through our support and advocacy work. We will act, and are committed in empowering communities whilst helping to facilitate local capacity building assisting programs around education, a drive towards economic empowerment whilst creating opportunities for frontline professionals to gain a greater understanding of the complications associated with FGM in supporting those living with FGM.  Provide advice and support from those fleeing domestic abuse and violence.

ProjectACEi is proud to be a member of The Girl Generation which is a global campaign that supports the Africa-led movement to end FGM. Join us and together we can end FGM. See more here. ProjectACEi is a founding member of the Association of Professionals Against Gender Base Violence an international working towards the rights and freedom of women and girls around the world.



Our vision is a world free from FGM, violence against women and girls. Our aim is to work with communities, young girls and their families, to help empower and educate all those involved in female genital mutilation, domestic abuse and sexual violence to help change their views and change the future of young women.



FGM is Child Abuse

Our fundamental aim is to protect the rights of women and girls.

FGM is a fundamental violation of the rights of girls.  It is discriminatory and violates the rights to equal opportunities, health, freedom from violence, injury, abuse, torture and cruel or inhuman and degrading treatment, protection from harmful traditional practices, and to make decisions concerning sexual health reproduction. In spite of increased activities around FGM, we’re still failing to effectively stop this form of child abuse.

Our mission is to ensure multi-agency guidelines and procedures implemented to support girls at risk of FGM. We aim to help educate and train professionals and communities alike in identifying the risk factors. We are committed in enforcing a national strategy and action plan to eliminate FGM in the UK.

ProjectACEi takes a holistic approach when dealing with women and girls affected by FGM. FGM has lifelong consequences from long term health complications to psychological impact on those living with the trauma of FGM.

The practice of FGM often leads to other forms of violence against women such as forced marriage, slavery, sexual violence, exploitation and trafficking, child molestation, harassment and many more.

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