Twitter Updates : How to Build Your Community on Twitter?

Really want to see your content? These are the people that are looking for that extra level of content from you. So if you’re curious about it, check it out. That’s what we’re talking about today.  They’ve given plenty of tips about building community, what their first space was, what they learned from it between their first space and they’re current, their most recent one, and how they built community. Each of them has built 10s of thousands of a strong community here on Twitter, and we.

So it’s been an exciting conversation so far. We’re almost done so Ivy, the next question I have for you is. What would you say to anyone who’s listening to this space? Wondering how Twitter spaces can fit into their content plan, whether they’re social media managers for their company and they want to pitch to their company? Hey, you need to get on Twitter, whether they’re an entrepreneur thinking about ways to connect to their audience or the everyday thought leader like yourself in tech who has a lot to share. What tips would you give them as far as how to start on Twitter spaces and how.

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That’s what I have to say, but in my opinion, there’s nothing like a perfect space, and I think that’s what makes spaces some fun. But I have aside starts in, which is obviously the most important part. I have a few tips to share. Three of them, one is. If you’re just starting out with spaces and you’re not sure how to go about it, you can just tap into your existing network on Twitter and even the friends you have outside the platform.

Join your first space and be there with you, even if it’s just like a few of you there. And the second thing is the spaces that I personally find interest in. The ones that tend to educate people to entertain people. So based on your interests and your passions, or even what your business has to offer, you can create a niche for yourself using spaces. And that’s something that I have done over the past few months. Being on spaces and then the third one is finding ways to repurpose your content.

Features that you can leverage, like recording being able to record your spaces, close captioning, sharing of clips from the spaces, and others so you can look into ways of turning your spaces content into other formats, like blog posts. And that’s something that I do, so I’ve done my spaces. I transcribe them into blog posts that I can share on other platforms. You can even turn your spaces into a podcast and share them on the podcast different podcast platforms.

And events without threads. So it’s literally a content machine right there that you can really take advantage of and take your content creation to the next level.

Phenomenal tips, so did you hear that she takes our product and then breaks it down into other forms of content? Whether it’s a blog post or a podcast she does threads with them because we offer closed captioning on spaces. So I absolutely love that one thing I wanted to add to that Ivy is, what would you say the true value ad for you from your perspective as a grill creator, I want to hear from your real voice, what would you say true value that you’ve gotten?

Some Twitter spaces are if somebody had no clue about spaces and what it offers, what would you say is the number one value-added to that person. If you were talking to a friend. I’d say it is an opportunity for me to amplify my voice and to impact people’s lives. That’s been a value-add for me.

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Love it, thank you so much and we’re gonna go next to Mary Ann. So Mary Ann I would love for you to tell us your thoughts on whether or not you think Twitter spaces have helped you strengthen your brand. As a thought leader. Actually, excuse me.

Just give me one second. So yeah, sorry about that. I want you to share whether or not Twitter community have helped you strengthen your brand and twitter community. As a thought leader and also what do you think the value add of Twitter space is coming to. Super follows is for you top of mind immediately when we launch, for instance.

You know, I I represent artists in the NFT community and I am also an artist in the NFT community. But what I’ve come to realize is. Perhaps my real dream to be a motivational speaker because I love making people feel better and I love helping people find the best parts of themselves. It’s such a negative world that we live in right now, and it absolutely changed my brand developed, my brand, evolved my art, and made me realize the power of compassion and kindness and how much of it is void in our world right now so.

I know they were laughing at me. Yeah, they’re sending laughing emojis, but you know. So now I catch myself saying it because of the missing. It’s like a phantom limb. It’s a phantom limb that I used to use where I use the 100% button and now it’s gone. But no, it evolved my brand. It made my brand every day I get about. I mean, it’s a lot of followers like 300 plus followers, but it’s about it’s not about me as a person.

I really believe that I really believe it’s not about any of that. It’s about a longing for kindness. I love that Marion is so I don’t know how to describe you. I’ve been.

You’re so I don’t know. You give this aura that I really, really enjoy. I love it. All three of you have been very refreshing in this conversation. Love it? Alright, so coach William, I would love for you to share your thoughts on whether or not you think Twitter spaces have helped you build your brand on Twitter. As a thought leader in this sports space. And also how super follows has whether or not super follows has helped you do that as well.The Twitter spaces have 100% done that. It took as I’ve mentioned, it allowed me to not just put out general ideas as they relate to or as they relate to certain aspects of basketball and sports in general, but it allowed me to truly break down entire topics and give people the opportunity to engage and ask questions. And that is really, you really can’t quantify.

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