The Ultimate Guide for NFT Project Strategy

You know, but at the same time, I give them kind of a direction to go towards. So if I look at bipolar for example.

People who are artistic, you know, like if we were to run an ad campaign.

It would obviously be too.

The type of demographic that.

You know has obviously bipolar.

That’s the very first thing you know. People that are that type of demographic that deals with bipolar.

Stuff and then aside from that.

We would deal with the demographic that’s bipolar that’s artistic.

Right, that’s created.

Alright now hold on a second hold on. Let me say something here. Guys and I’m not trying to pick you apart man, but I’m trying to understand how do you market?

nft project strategy

Because if you’re marketing an artist towards other artists, where do you guys ever find anybody to buy the art?

Well, when you say artists, do you mean musically? Because musically is super easy.

I mean, I mean, I mean music, you know, visual? I mean you.

Well honestly, the best marketing strategies I can give her. Are getting in touch with the marketing agency. Somebody who has experience with. You know, demographics. Somebody who had experienced. Like I said, honestly, if I was giving her advice. I would tell her to have to get in tune with somebody who understands how to run campaigns. LCBO campaigns.

You know stuff like that. You know, Facebook campaigns, Twitter campaigns, Instagram campaigns, Pinterest campaigns, somebody who knows, understands Google, you know, like how Google works when somebody searches something you know some like. For example, if somebody search searches bipolar art on Google. Right, I would. I would want her to be the first person that pops up, right? We like that we wanted her to have a website. Well, number one, we would set up a website for her right and.

Remember, we don’t. I don’t do this for everybody at this point because we already have consistent clients, but. We would set up a website for her that says, for example, bipolar This is just an example. That website is probably not available, but we would set something up and then we would use Meadow words, and meta keywords. So what the meta is just simply stood for when somebody searches for something that’s what’s going to pop up. So let’s say, let’s say bipolar.

Well, it’s like what levitate was saying, it’s like.

I’m not saying meta, in general, I’m saying like for example obviously bipolar is not going to be available so we would have to pick a website that sounds similar but that website we’re going to rig it with meta keywords. I’m not saying meta in general, I’m saying like for example, obviously bipolar is not going to be available, so we would have to pick a website that sounds similar, but that website we’re going to rig it with meta keywords, you get, you get what I’m saying.

I’m gonna say something real quick bro because I see what you’re saying here. But anytime you guys make a website. The only thing you have to do is sign up.

For a subscription to have your meta or your keywords. In the Google search. Levitated arts go type it in right now, what are you going to find? Everything about me. It’s just something that happens whenever you create a domain and you sign up for these subscriptions. It’s those like that. It essentially is something that happens.

So that’s light. That’s the basic, but after that’s like basic. Do you know what I’m trying to tell you? That’s like the basic baseline. But aside from that, it comes. It comes down to finding her niche. We have to find your niche and then we can find at least depends on how you’re pricing the artwork. I would say don’t price it at $5. Like we would bring the price up, you know what I mean? We would bring it up to probably maybe $1000 a piece.

So now my question is, people are not having this. Substantial background in an art space. Selling your art for $1000 a piece, how would you? And. You know, I’m sorry this is. This has become what it’s become, but you put yourself in the position dog it’s here it is.

How would you end up? You know, creating sales at $1000 apiece for somebody that is not potentially an established artist. In a sense, how? How would you and your marketing team go about this? well, let me ask you one question have you, Well, let me ask you one question. Have you ever heard of Mike and Mary? I have not known personally. All right? Well, that’s a brand.

What do you believe in your brand? Do you believe this can be a brand where we can price it at $1000 per piece? Right, it starts with you like. I’m not gonna say, oh hey, let’s price it at $1000. If you say no, this is not worth that. It starts with you, right? And based on what you feel. That’s how we’re going to go and market. Do you understand what I mean? And it’s very simple. Super simple, we’re going to find. Exactly wants to buy it right, there’s.

Like content-wise like are you like creating an interview where the artist can like to introduce yourself to like a wider audience where you like sitting down and asking some questions and then with that interview you can maybe like create a YouTube channel and then maybe start pushing and directing eyes to that.

Thank you, UW. That’s a good answer, no. But Nelson, what is the first step that you take bro?

This is that we’re getting too mad. Look, I’m having a hard time selling my heart. Know 100% that the effort and the work that I put in are worth $1000 apiece. I don’t know who the hell I’m gonna sell my artwork as an NT two who can we sell it to? Where can we sell it? How can we sell it and what is going to be? The steps that I need to take as an artist for you to help me sell my shit.

What not hold on hold on please please please give me enough. No, I know, but I was about to give you guys the sauce. Dude, that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to give you guys the sauce dude of how.

I got this stuff. I got the sauce bro. I know what the sauce is. I do the sauce myself. And no disrespect towards you ma’am, but wouldn’t what I’m trying to tell you is if you’re coming in here and you’re talking and dude, I do not like to get hostile. I don’t like to. I don’t like to pick anybody apart and it’s like this.

Listen to what I’m going to say, brother, Brother brother before you say what you’re about to say, listen to what I’m. 5,000,000 followers per se and they’re actually active, and then we would have, we would, and then we would. We would have them. And that’s how you would bring that value up, right? Like a Drake is where, for example, if Drake is wearing your brand. This is because any information that is shared here is supposed to be valuable. If this isn’t valuable, and it’s fraudulent, there’s no sense in it even being talked about.

It, let’s say a very an artist has a lot of influence. That’s what we would do if it comes down to it. You know, if it comes down to your niche if we can’t find your niche, that’s what we would do. Guys, I got it. I got it cut in levitated I’m going to tell you right now that if you’re going to get any one of the scale-like drake to come on or anyone of that nature you’re paying out of pocket at.

I got it cut in levitated I’m going to tell you right now that if you’re going to get any one of the scale-like drake to come on or anyone of that nature you’re paying out of pocket at least half $1,000,000 on the spot. Guys, I got it. I got it cut in levitated.

And can rock my ship, but it comes with a price at the end of the day. So if you have a marketing team that is worried about marketing aspects and such and such and such, how? How much is it going to cost you to have Drake or these other influencers promote your stuff because they’re not doing it out of love? These motherfuckers are hustlers, they know what they’re doing.

That’s the difference for example like I said I’ve started off with music that’s what I started off like since Eight years ago, you know what I mean? Just doing music and just promoting my music. And I was able to build relationships with very established artists. People that are very, very established.

It’s all about relationships. Also, certain people don’t have certain types of relationships and that’s when it comes down to like yeah yeah, go do exactly what you think you want to do, but at the same time you will come across that roadblock where if you don’t have the relationships, it’s better to. It’s better to have the connections and better to have the relationships.

I agree with you on that singular aspect. Having these connections, having that networking aspect is super beneficial.

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