What’s Main Difference: Who you want to be VS Who you are ?

You know that’s also something I ask about whenever someone steps into my office. You know, if they have any religion or spirituality they follow because if they do, that is a tremendous source of support. And I always encourage people.

Really important, you know to look into that and just for some, you know, even if you don’t feel as if you’re a spiritual or religious person, there is something to be said for finding peace within itself. You know drawing from that because that’s powerful too.

Got a few hands up, I know 60 was next, and then Tyler and then I think Stormy. Sorry if I messed that up doing my best. And yes, I can’t forget you. Umm? I’m sure we will. We will be a yeah go-ahead 60.

I just want to send lots of love too. I really want you to know that this is what you’re going through, not who you are. I commend your encouragement cause not a lot of people come to speak. I’m very shy, but then I have to speak because I want you to know that you’re just going through the space. It’s not who you are. It doesn’t define you at all. And I’m proud of you sending you lots of love.

And everything I’m going to speak about is the difference between who you are and what you are. My take on you later, but then I want everyone to send love to Ari because he deserves to be loved. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. The hopeful assessed family loves you a lot.

Yep, absolutely.

You got lots of love, you’re my friend.

I’m sorry y’all, I don’t know what the order was. I think Tyler was up. I know Blair had her hand up too. Panera, yeah because I’m in the car so I’m not exactly sure if I’m gonna cut it all. So I apologize for that, but I just woke up and I’m on my way to school but so good morning everyone.

Man, that is definitely something that I didn’t expect to wake up to, and I guess it’s something that it’s it. Really it really opened my mind and I didn’t really think about third World countries and where we are right now. I mean, I currently live in the States and I live really close to where the White House is. And so I’m always, you know, whenever there’s some sort of.

Political changes, or like there’s some decision made. It’s usually around where I am and I usually am very blind to like what happens in third world countries, especially during this time with, you know, the main thing that I’m mostly focused on is usually our financial crisis in the United States. I don’t really think about like some of the third-world country problems that there are right now, especially with the wars going on in Ukraine and Russia. It’s definitely something that I’m complete.

No, I’m just saying it’s it is happening a little bit. A little bit of a rug. but yeah go on.

Yeah, so I I joined the space because I was just like I was looking at the title and I found it kind of interesting like who you are versus who you want to be. And I think at the moment I am all right now. I’m a student and I’m on my finals week in high school and this is like one of the first projects I’ve kind of like involved myself in and kind of who I want to be. I guess is just to be successful in life, but at the same time, I see a lot of negative sides of myself like.

I don’t know if a lot of people have done this, but it’s you’re shoving away like friends who you can find inconvenient. And I found that very early on in my life where I would be like shutting out a lot of the friends that I had in my life because I find them inconvenient to me and I feel now at the place that I am right now. I almost feel horrible because I at the time I was very selfish and you know that I I would get into a group and then I would kind of just shove away this friend.

Who you want to be VS Who you are

Because they didn’t really have anybody else to go to. And I feel horrible for what I did and something. That I’ve slowly changed over time as trying to kind of just accept people and not really shove them away just because they’re inconvenient or they’re not up to your standards and it’s more of you. Have you had to be accepting of the people who care for you? And there are so many people out there who rely and care on you and you shoving them away is destroying them. And I and I’ve seen them day by day and I feel awful for what I did. And So what I’ve been doing.

As I’ve been slowly getting back with those people and I feel and I my best friend from like the elementary school I think is from like kindergarten. We used to be best friends and I didn’t about like 7th grade. I think I basically just stopped talking to them altogether because he was quote UN quote, inconvenient to me and then later on I felt horrible and I think about a year ago I got back with them and now we’re best friends again. But that’s just something that I’ve changed in myself as well.

But uh, in life I want to be a pediatrician as well as being like a traitor. And the in the space as well As for like NFT’s. I mean, I joined the space like I would say like four months ago, but I guess those are kind of like my life goals right now and I think I’m really early too. As the whole, like uh, crypto world, but that’s just me and I.

I am really rooting for you. Am I really? Am I really hoping everything works out for you? My prayers go out to you and I hope everything does go the way that you were hoping for it to go. Because men it must be it. It must be a struggle and I I promise that we are praying for you dude. While you got tremendous support here, my friend, this is amazing. I’m loving this guy. Thank you so much for being such great support for each other.

Tyler, that was awesome. Of course. Pay attention to driving. I have that habit too. I’m going to be driving to work in a little bit, but I got at least 40 minutes before I head out. But yeah, I I know some people had their hand up. I think Stormy had their hand up but had their hand up before. But yeah, go ahead stormy.

Uh, firstly, to be honest, they are. I’m seriously writing for you as well and I hope things work out for you whenever things don’t work out for me. I just tell myself it’s just the face and it’s surely going to pass and that really keeps me going. So my hope is just a face for you as well and I really really do hope it passes as soon as possible because I I mean it’s hard and I know, I know. I know how it feels. So I hope things go well.

And I’ll be praying for you as well. I’m wishing you good luck. And also I just wanted to say something about who you are and who you want to be. Thought of who you are and who you want to be that gives you direction basically cause you can’t just say.

You want to be this. For example, you want to be a mathematician. Personally, and I mean not so bad at mathematics because I’m studying economics at the university, but I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t study a mathematics course, I’m really bad at it. So if I say I want to become a mathematician, for example, I think it requires so much from you.

Take so so much from because it requires so much practice and I would need to put in too much work that I might not be able to put something out avoid on my own end so if you wanna say this is you have to define who you are your strengths and your weaknesses that would help you to go through who you want to be basically you have to-it’s a see it as a layout you have to go through one layout to the other it just helps you give small direction it gives more.

Analytics also because I I turn to my friends call me. I mean, even in NFC right now, people say you see fins a lot, but you don’t go for them or some like I could. I could just OK this project. It looks like it could do well, but probably I probably don’t have the white list for it because I mean I just don’t have the white list for it doesn’t mean I can’t see that it has the potential of doing wall or something. So when I see stuff, I just realized that that is like a strength for me to analyze stuff and then I just started learning data analytics.

Sits down and I told myself OK what is the bottleneck here? What is stopping me from being an official data analyst then I said OK I had to go through the layout thing again and I laid out some stuff like OK, I need an internship. I need experience. I need to build projects myself. So I did just say I want to become a data analyst or I didn’t just put it in my mind and also effort is something because you have to work towards.

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Whatever you want to be as well. So you need to put in the work and you also need to have a sense of direction. Working with people that are in that line was one of the things I did as well, like people that had experience in that line. I was trying to network with them for them to like. Link me up with internships and all of that. So in summary, in summary, what I’m just saying is everybody needs to the layout. Everybody needs a sense of direction and we can as well create them ourselves like nobody.

The plateau-like take this is this, is it you just have to work. You have to work it out yourself. That’s my point. You have to work it and you also have to keep pushing because it’s really really noisy. There are so many orders on the road. I mean literally, there are so many things that could stop you from being who you want to be. But if you know why you started something, I think that that should be enough reason. I think that should be enough reason to keep you going and hopefully. Listening and I hope this touched somebody. I really do. You touch somebody. Thank you.

Yes, Stormy, I love that finding peace with who you are is probably just as important as pushing yourself to who you want to be. I don’t know. We raised a lot of our kids. We tell them you could be whatever you want to be and you know that I know our intention is to tell them. Please try your best to strive. Have an ambitious goal? Be the President, you know.

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